Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Who is Timeshare Exit Men?

We are a full service advocacy group that specializes in providing timeshare owners with legal options for exiting your timeshare and offer a proprietary, perfected, proven process for and craft effective strategies to exit timeshare contracts for our clients. Contact us TODAY for more information, and to see if your timeshare qualifies to receive a “FREE” No Obligation Timeshare Exit Strategy Assessment to discuss your options and our process for getting you out of your timeshare!

Are There Any Requirements For Using Timeshare Exit Men Services?

Yes, in order to be eligible to use our services, or to receive a “FREE” timeshare exit strategy consultation we do have a few requirements:

  • You MUST want out of your timeshare

  • Have already tried to get out and have been unsuccessful, and have no other options or way out! 

  • Your timeshare must be paid off. If you owe money or have a remaining balance on your initial loan/mortgage we will not be able to take your case at this time.

Does Timeshare Exit Men Charge An “UPFRONT” Fee With A Promise To Sell My Timeshare?

No. We are NOT a listing or resale company. Timeshare Exit Men DOES NOT charge an “UPFRONT” listing fee, advertising fee, or closing costs, or promising to sell the timeshare property once a “phantom” buyer is secured. Rather than charging an “UPFRONT” fee for our services, we offer a non-backed guarantee. We offer an escrow payment service that assures you that the Timeshare Exit Men does not get paid until you get out. It’s the industry’s only true guarantee that protects you, the consumer. As a result we have a 100% success rate and guaranteed results. If your timeshare is completely paid off, we make you an offer to transfer it via title and escrow.

Will My Name Be Off The Timeshare Deed?

Yes! Ownership is legally transferred. Depending on the property of record, title is transferred via deed, membership, lease, or points, or as required by resort official governing documents (covenants, conditions, restrictions). You are removed. Once and for all. Forever.

Who is Timeshare Exit Men services intended for?

Easy. Timeshare Exit Men is intended for timeshare owners who are:

  1. Not using their timeshare as much as they intended to or as much as they used to.

  2. Frustrated by unexpected “special assessments” and skyrocketing maintenance fees.

  3. Financially set back by their maintenance fees, special assessments, and taxes.

  4. Frustrated by attempted failure to sell their timeshare through a listing company.

  5. Concerned about their children inheriting their timeshare and the increasing fees. (Yes, your heirs can inherit your timeshare when you pass away based on tenancy, whether they want it or not, if it’s listed in your will, or part of your estate or living trust)

  6. Bothered they can’t vacation where they want, when they want, due to no availability.

  7. Tired of going to the same place every year, year after year.

  8. Aggravated with exchange companies like RCI and II and their lack of availability.

  9. Realizing that there are more ways to go on vacation for much less on the internet.

  10. Widowed or divorced, and can no longer travel with their loved ones or travel alone.

  11. Inheritors of a timeshare they don’t want or use, and didn’t want to inherit as well.

Who do you use to transfer the timeshare out of my name?

The transfers are handled by the preeminent, and undisputed industry leader in freeing families of the obligation of their timeshare contracts, commitments and maintenance fees. A title transfer escrow company, with over a DECADE of experience, over 45,000 transfers, and that is an  A+ BBB Rated Accredited business. We will disclose their name during your free consultation! 

Does your service involve me getting into another timeshare?

NO! Timeshare Exit Men is all about getting you and your family out from under the obligation of your timeshare contract. Period. That’s it! 

If I have a current reservation with my own resort, or a week or points banked with an exchange company, will the transfer of my timeshare cause me or to forfeit it?

NO. If you have paid for your week, then you can use your week, plain and simple. Enjoy!

I would like to speak with you over the phone first. How can I do that?

Please call us on our toll free number 888-400-3143 , or inquire on our website for further information. If you prefer you may also email us at We would be delighted to speak with you and meet with you anytime convenient.

My children do not want my timeshare. What do I do?

The smartest thing to do is get the timeshare legally transferred out of your name. Otherwise, your children will most likely inherit your timeshare, whether they want it or not, if it is part of your estate, living trust, or will. It is not an asset, it is a liability with no real value.

Is Timeshare Exit Men a law firm?

Timeshare Exit Men is NOT a law firm. We are simply a timeshare advocacy group that gathers data from our clients on their experience with their timeshare then offers general consulting advice regarding their timeshare. We then discuss all legal options for exiting your timeshare and offer a proprietary, perfected, proven process for and craft effective strategies to exit timeshare contracts for our clients.

How do I start the process of exiting my timeshare?

Simply contact us at 1-888-400-3143 or 623-261-4362 and one of our specialists will start the free process. If you prefer, you may email us at: and we will contact you to discuss how the Timeshare Exit Men can resolve your timeshare contract legally and permanently, saving you thousands.

How long will it take for you to exit my timeshare contract?

Every case has specific characteristics. As a general rule, our team requires between 3 and 12 months to resolve a timeshare contract. We will provide you with full transparency so you will know where your case stands at every stage of the proceeding.

Why work with Timeshare Exit Men?

Timeshare Exit Men is a full-service advocacy group that specializes in exiting timeshares. Unlike most other timeshare exit companies that get paid “UPFRONT” before they start the process,  we offer a guaranteed solution to legally exit your timeshare and we don’t get paid until you are completely “OUT” of your timeshare obligation. We do this by offering an escrow service that assures you that the Timeshare Exit Men does not get paid until you get out. Contact us TODAY to see if your timeshare qualifies, and to set up a “FREE” No Obligation Timeshare Exit Strategy Assessment to discuss our process and your options for exiting your timeshare!

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